Named after Victoria Street and Victoria Station, Victoria is a small district in the Westminster City in Central London, indirectly named after Queen Victoria. This name is to describe the joining of roads including Victoria Street, Grosvenor Gardens, Wilton Red, Buckingham Palace Road, and Vauxhall Bridge Road. Victoria has few historical places and monuments like Victoria Palace Theatre, Apollo Victoria, Little Ben and some more.


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This area is one of the busiest transport interchanges in London and UK. Not only railway stations but also underground stations and terminus Place, bus and taxi services as well.


Victoria Coach Station, 800 meters from the railway in the southwest direction, provides road-coach services.


Interesting Fact

Talking about the attractions of Victoria, one of the best architecture of the decade is Victoria Palace Theatre which was built back in 1832. It was most famous for Anna Pavlova, a gold statue.

A small version of Big Ben, Little Ben of height 20ft stands in a traffic roundabout outside Victoria.


Apollo Victoria located on Wilton Road was initially designed as a cinema in the art deco styl


Buckingham Palace

Popular Buckingham Palace is not far away from the Victoria Station.


Victoria Picture Palace is situated across the street which is now St Tube Station entrance.


House of Fraser, department store, has been known for most of its time as Army and Navy.


Roman Catholic Westminster Cathedral is at the site where there was Tothill Fields Prison.