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London is the city of dreams, the largest city of England, the business hub of the European Union. London lies on the south-east of England. Do you know London is one of the most visited and expensive but innovative and influential cities in the world?


London has the most diverse range of people, culture, and places to visit. London has 4 World Heritage Sites; Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St Margaret’s Church.


London weather can be unpredictable. You can 3-4 types of weather in 1 day.  London is 600 square miles with around 9 million population. London has GMT time and clock changes twice a year. London has amazing night life facilities including late night pubs, clubs, shopping centres and restaurants. You can find almost every small to big brands stores around the city.


London is well connected by underground, over ground, bus, cycle track, cable car, tram, boat, and road to the rest of the neighbouring cities. There is 24 hours transportation service which makes easy for the people working late night or people going out and about.

Things to do in London

London is a city of dream and leisure. You will find things to do for everyone. No matter you can old or just a kid you will have something you can get engaged with.


You can enjoy a city tour, go to see the animals in London Zoo, go for a ride in the London Eye, visit Madame Tussaud or enjoy the nightlife in Chinatown and enjoy the Chinese delicacy. The dream city has something for everyone.


Here are a few places you can go and spend your time:

Madame Tussaud

Madame Tussaud is must visit place while you are visiting the city. Museum has life-size wax replicas of famous historical icons like leaders, scientist, and celebrities. You can take pictures with the was figures which looks like they are real.


It is recommended to pre-book the ticket and buy a package deal to save money. Also, best to book the Big Bus24 Hour Hop-on Hop-off sightseeing tour. With the bus tour, you can go around the city for a city tour.

Coca-Cola London Eye

Coca-Cola London Eye situated by Westminster Bridge Road. It opens around 10:45 will 17:45 but some days it opens until 19:45. The 15 mins slow ride can be very exciting, and you will see most of the city skyscrapers if you are visiting on a bright day. You will see the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Tate Modern, House of Parliament and Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral and much more.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge has a history of over 125 years. The bridge was first to open back on 30 June 1894. It was built to ease road traffic while maintaining the easy river access. Bridge lift apart for the passing ships which can be fascinating view.


You can explore the inside of the Giant Bridge and history of the bridge. If you are not scared of height, you can experience the exciting new glass floor walkways. You can also visit the Victorian Engine Rooms to see the beautiful steam engines that powered the bridge lifts.


Do you know you need to give 24 hours’ notice if you are passing the bridge use the vessels for free of charge? The bridge is raised around 850 times every year.

ZSL London Zoo

Visiting Zoo is always fun no matter you are a kid or an adult. At ZSK London Zoo you can find various types of animals from Gorilla, tiger, penguin, birds to rainforest animals. You and your children will enjoy the day in one of the best Zoon in the world.

Location: Map

Contact: 020 7449 6200

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the royal residence of the Queen of England. Palace is the official administrative headquarters of the Queen. You can visit the palace between July and September and explore and learn the history of British Monarch.


Palace has 775 rooms and more than 50000 people visit the palace every year. Many receptions are hosted by the Queen throughout the year to celebrate the official and private ceremonies.

Location: Map

Contact: 0303 123 7300

Places to Eat

London is full of places to eat authentic and fast food. You can find every type of food to eat. You can enjoy the food from the food stall or fast food to top class restaurants.  Price can depend on what kind of place you go to eat.


Here is the list of few places you can enjoy the mouth-watering food.

Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe is classed as fun restaurants. This family restaurant is worth visiting with young children. Children can enjoy the sound of lightning, rain, waterfalls as well as see the real animals and real tropical fish.


This cafe is just a minute away from Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, and you can enjoy the 2-course meal


Visit now: Location


If you want to try exotic and unusual food, you can head to Archipelago. You can enjoy yummy food made of crocodile, zebra, kangaroo and many other exotic animals and insects. You will be astonished this fun restaurant has managed to gain 4.6 out of 5-star reviews. This is all possible because of the great food and caring staff.

Places to Stay

This hotel is in the heart of Canary Wharf. Underground, restaurant, leisure centre is within walking distance. You can enjoy a traditional English breakfast and cuisine.

Dorsett City London

Dorsett is a 4-star hotel that is near the City. Rooms come with a TV, coffee machine, private bathroom, fridge and full feature of the wardrobe. You can enjoy Chinese food and full English breakfast.


They have been highly rated on their excellent service. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi and fitness centre.

MStay Hyde Park Hotel

This fully air-conditioned hotel near Hyde Park is a comfortable place to stay. Hotel is nearby the train station and many London Attractions. The hotel features free Wi-Fi, non-smoking rooms, and excellent front desk service.


The worst crime recorded between May 2018 till April 2018 is related to violence, and sexual offenses and the least recorded is the possession of weapons. The highest rate of the knife and gun crime are around Lambeth and Southwark city.

House price in London

House price in London starts from £1m for one bed flat. Centre of London is very expensive compared to the outer skirt of the City. House rental can be costly depending on the facilities of the flat and the surrounding area.

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