West Molesey

East and West Molesey come as a sandwich between the River Mole and River Thames. This area gives a feel of the island, and it is only a little far away from Kingston. And from central London, it is even less than 15 miles away.

West Molesey is an enchantingly attractive place. It is so peaceful and beautiful that it gives a heavenly feel to every visitor. It is an isolated area and houses are smaller as compared to East Molesey. Hence, the lower the place, higher the peace.


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As said earlier, the area is small in size and a bit isolated, so there is no such need for trains and shuttles. The transportation is done through buses only. The 461 Route works for the west Molesey and covers the areas from m Kingston Walton and terminates at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey.


Interesting Fact

There are a lot of factors that make the site more striking and the list goes like Daytona Sandown Park, Sunbury Park Walled Garden, Everyman Cinema, The Magic Garden and Rose Theatre Kingston.


The Strawberry Hill house is a place that one should never miss. It gives a total theatrical experience to the visitors. All the walls are white, and the rooms are lit. Inside the house, there is a magnificent gallery and unique collection of glass castles. In short, this is a total treat for visitors.


Fun fact: the east and west Molesey were separated by placing a stone outside a park.