Virginia Water

In the Borough of Runnymede, a town is situated in the north of Surrey which is known as Virginia Water. This town is a hometown of Wentworth Club and Estate. It was named after a nearby lake.


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Heating Contractor

Drainage Service

Bathroom Remodeler

Kitchen Remodeler

Gutter Cleaning Service

Electrical Engineer

Water Damage Restoration Service

Home Builder



To travel within Virginia Water there are buses and coaches with almost 10 different routes are available. These are 500, 566, 567. All these buses can take different routes to cover the same source to destination distance.
Also, this town is close to the M25, M4 and M3 motorways. And if you go 7 miles away in the northeast you will reach Heathrow Airport.


Interesting Fact

The following places are the ones which are always on the top of the

To-do-lists of the travellers:
French Brothers Ltd, it is a company which offers several events and public boat trips to a huge number of people on the upper Thames. Trips along riverside town as well as round trips are provided. No one ever wants to miss this place while visiting Virginia Water.

Then there are different museums that keep pulling people around them i.e.
Elmbridge Museum, Chobham Museum, Egham Museum and Chertsey Museum

Interesting Fact: According to the recent studies Virginia Water is ranked as the most expensive town in London to buy property.

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