Sutton Cricket Club

Sutton Cricket Club

Sutton Cricket Club, founded in the year 1857, is the perfect home for anyone of any age looking to learn or develop their skills in the game of cricket. Players of all levels are welcomed to become involved in this one of the leading clubs in the county.


The club boasts mainly two grounds; the main ground is at, Cheam Road, on Gander Green Lane, Sutton and its second ground in Holmwood Close, Cheam.


Achievements we are proud of:

  • Inaugural winners of the Surrey Championship, in the year 1968, when the league was formed.
  • In continuation of that, Sutton Cricket Club won the league in the year 1991, 2006 and 2009.
  • Also, the Club member and Conor McKerr, Surrey professional were recently featured in an article in The Times newspaper.


Past Captains:

  • Keith Medlycott (ex-Surrey)
  • Phil Sampson (ex-Surrey)
  • Johann Myburgh (current Somerset).


League Sides:

  • 4 Saturday league sides
  • A Sunday XI
  • A midweek XI
  • A Women’s XI
  • One more junior membership of over 150 children from 4 to 17 years old.


Sutton Cricket Club has and will continue to strive to be successful at both senior and junior level both on and off the field!


After the match, you can go to the nearest health club at Holiday Inn Sutton to relax and have a few pints.