7 Easy Summer Plumbing Tips by Plumbing Company

7 Easy Summer Plumbing Tips by Plumbing Company

Summer can be busy for Plumbing Company. Summer time is exciting and enjoyable. It means no school, time in the pool, and extra delicious food for the entire family. The humid climate, the longer nights, and the aroma of the char-grill are a few of the dazzling parts of summer. But, summertime also leads to the extra laundry, more water usage. Summertime further brings considerable water use. No matter if it’s watering your backyard, or filling up the swimming pool for your children. So is your plumbing all set for summer excitement?

Keep your home plumbing in prime shape this summer with maintenance tips. Amidst all the summer excitement, we often tend to close the eyes to the toll that summer can have on our day to day plumbing. The worst thing is if you have to call Emergency Plumbing company. Don’t forget any emergency service charges a call out charges which is between £70-£150.

How to avoid Plumbing Company this year?

Calling a plumbing company can be expensive, but following these tips on a regular basis can help you avoid them. You must be thinking have we gone mad. Why a Plumbing company is suggesting these tips? Well we love our customers and we want to save their money. Fixing things is our job but educating our valued customers is also our duty. Ok then lets start.

Careful with what you put down your garbage disposal

Summer is an amazing and overwhelming time for cookouts with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues. But be careful what you set down your garbage disposal and how you set out waste foodstuff and leftover. Restrain from throwing the oil in the kitchen sink. Furthermore, it is not a great idea to put dry food down the garbage disposal. Hard fruits and seeds such as corn or watermelon seeds cause harm to the blades and lead to blockage.

Throwing foodstuff like instant potatoes down the kitchen sink can cause instant blocks if you add some water on the top. It is best to run cold water at absolute force for at worst 10 seconds before and after you dump anything down the garbage disposal to flush it through.

Check Sprinklers for Leaks

Sprinklers are probable to summer leaks for two reasons. The primary goal is that they get used a lot; as a result, they are subject to a lot of ravages of time. The next reason is that they are in the “line of fire.” The whole thing from kids playing to wayward lawnmowers can lead to damaging them and generating leaks.

For greatest safety, have your sprinkler system examined on a regular basis by an expert who can analyze and repair any probable leaks!

Check the sewer system

Checking and servicing your sewer systems before summer approaches can help you avoid any troubles. Summer takes account of rainstorms and summer downpour. Sewer pipes can put on extreme rain through fissures, and it can cause the sewer line to fall back. Sewers and cesspools can back up when the rainstorm hit and the earth becomes covered with water.

For homeowners, installing a drain pump in every drain to avoid water from backing up throughout the rainstorm. Moreover, it is low-priced and straightforward if you have plants or vegetation on your property. Roots can also turn out to be a trouble to your sewer system because of all the rainfall that takes place; it causes the plants to grow. Any plant growth can cause roots to make their way to your septic tank lines seeking out the water source. Besides, if you find any symptoms of sewer line problem such as water from the toilet backing up into the bath drain, it is best to call a Plumbing company within your means – right away.


Frequent dishwasher maintenance will extend your dishwasher life. To maintain the longer life, you could clean the filter, remove and clean the spray arms and wipe the door seals clean. You can also run an empty full cycle once in a while to cut the putrid odour. Also, make sure to top up dishwasher salt and rinse aid.

Examine Gas Lines

Summer is a time for more than enough gas grills. And even though this makes for some fantastic feast, you must also use this time to examine all the gas lines within your house.

You should do a visual check the lines and snuffle to observe if you can notice any leaking gas. Your nose will be enough to distinguish if there is any major leak. For spotting insignificant leaks, you can put a little dish cleaner on the gas line gaskets and consider if any suds form.

Keep in mind that gas can be poisonous for you and your entire family. You can also install Gas Detector Device for further safety. Do not try to fix the Gas Leak yourself, instead call Plumbing company. Do not forget Gas can kill.

Check the Water Supply

Summer is the right time for you to check the water supply coming into your house. If the water pressure is slower then usual, it may be time to call the certified Plumbing company and get the water pipeline checked. Also, you could take the time to inspect exposed pipes for drips and pipe crack.

Fix the leaking shower heads and taps. Dripping tap will not only wastewater, but it will increase the water bill as well. Also fixing the house plumbing on time means you will cut down the expense before it gets worst.

It is best to clean the shower head every few months. As you use shower head will build up with sediment, which will reduce the water pressure. You can also buy a new type of shower head which will increase the water pressure. You can try shower head like this which will turbocharge water pressure by 200% and save water by 30%.

Fix the clogged Drain

It is best to fix the clogged shower drain before it gets worst. Shower drain clogs due to our won negligence letting hair pass through the pipe. If the water is not moving while you shower it is best not to use chemical drain-clearing products.  These chemicals are not good for the environment, and also it will not clear the clog. Which means you will have the blockage again. It is best to hire a plumbing company.

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