How I Unclogged My Kitchen Sink without Calling Any Plumbers near Me?

When your kitchen sinks clogs, first thing in your mind could be getting in touch with the plumbers near me.  I know when your kitchen sink gets blocked, it can be a very unpleasant experience.


But wait why getting in touch with the plumbers near me immediately? Why not check if you can fix it yourself. It could be just a minor issue. We get so panicked and seek for the professional emergency plumbers. Do you know how expensive the plumbing engineer can be?


In this article, we’ll share with you how did I unblock my sink drain and got rid of the most stubborn sink drain choke without calling the emergency plumbers near me.


By all means, you can seek for the professional help, since not all the people are up for unclogging the drain themselves because they may not want to or may not have the time or have don’t have the basic idea on what things works or where to start.


So, before I share how I unclogged my kitchen sink without calling any local plumbers near me, let’s check out the reasons behind a sink clog.


The primary reason why kitchen sinks clog is for the reason that people aren’t aware of what they’re tossing down the sink drain. But with such a casual approach, you can either block the garbage disposal or create a buildup along the walls of the pipe.


By no means, you should put oil or coffee grounds down the kitchen sink. Oil, even when running with warm water, will, sooner or later, solidify. Without a doubt, hot water holds up the course of action, pushing the future, oily bung up further down into the drainage system where it would turn out solid which is enough to clog the sink.

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Try this before you call the Emergency Plumbers Near Me

Nail down that as soon as the drainage problem begins before they get worse over time. The sooner that you handle the trouble, the easier it can be to make your mind up.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking Soda and Vinegar is a low-priced solution that makes use of two ingredients you’re probably going to have in your kitchen closet. Using Baking Soda and Vinegar lets you avoid the use of chemicals. It might not work all the time, but it is worth trying for sure. All you need for this is a cup of baking soda along with a cup of vinegar.


  • First of all, dispense some hot water down the drain. After that, push the baking soda down the kitchen sink drain. You can use a spatula if needed.
  • After that, decant the vinegar into the pipe.
  • The solution will bubble for a while.  Now place the cork into the sink, pushing the vinegar on the way to the clog up and jamming off the action.
  • As a final point, you should flush the drain with steaming water once more.

Clear the clog with a plunger

If this mixture doesn’t help you to clean out your kitchen sink, you must reach out for a typical household plunger.  After you have your sink plunger handy, you should start plunging.  You’ll require making a rigid seal around the plunger, so fill the surface of the sink you aim to plunge with an adequate amount of water to wrap the bell of the plunger. Now, put the plunger tightly over the drain and force powerfully more than a few times.


Turn over the head of the plunger into the water so that you can push water, and not air, into the sink drain. Pump forcefully. You are supposed to feel some resistance all through the process. That means you have a first-class seal and your plunging stroke is pushing water back and forth throughout the pipes.


After a few tries, it may clear the blockage. Plunging can be super-fast and trouble-free, but let me make you aware there can be lots of water spillage so having a few dry towels or a sponge and an empty bucket can be very handy.

Clean the P-trap

If you still have a blocked kitchen sink after making use of a plunger, you can check the p-trap that is located beneath the sink for trash that may be trapped. It might be essential to clean the P-trap of your kitchen drain’s to clear the clog up. The P-trap is generally at the end of the drainpipe under the kitchen sink, more often than not, inside a cabinet.


Before you start, you must put a container under the trap and make use of a pipe wrench to take out the two ring nuts setting the trap in place. Now, start on by sponging the water from the kitchen sink to decrease the flood beneath the sink when you take off the trap. Keep your container below; dirty water will flow out. Slacken off the slip nut on the P trap arm assembly and the waste tee and jiggle the trap open.


Now, clean out any trash, if present, from the P-trap.  Look over both the P-trap as well as the trap arm for fractures or fragile walls. If it’s damaged, replace it to stay away from troubles in the future. After that, reinstall the P-trap and examine the line with hot water. Do not over-constrict the slip nuts.


However, if the P-trap isn’t blocking, catch up and take away the trap arm and carefully clean it. To take away the trap arm, slacken off the slip nut and glide the trap arm from the drain line snuff out. You will probably require pliers to do away with the bolt. After that, run a screwdriver within the pipe snuff out and get off any garbage that might have collected in the hole. If you still haven’t discovered the clog up, go for the Plumber’s snake!

Make Use of the Plumber’s Snake

If you have tried plunging in addition to cleaning the P-trap and none of those things worked, you might need to try a plumber’s snake. At times, called an auger, this super useful tool can clean out blocks that may be trapped further down the sink system.


Start by slackening off the setscrew at the tip of the Plumber’s snake. After that, tense up the setscrew and turn the snake down into the sink’s drain line. At the start, you might feel an obstacle, but it’s possible that the tip of the Plumber’s snake is just whirling around the corner. Make the setscrew tighter and twist the crank clockwise to push it into the drainpipe.


When you reach through the block, twist the crank counterclockwise and get off the cable. Clean the wires as you pull it out; it’ll possibly be cover with extremely nasty glop.


You might get a massive bung of material at the end of the wire, so keep the empty container handy. Keep repeating the procedure over and over again until you don’t feel the obstruction any longer, then rebuild the trap and run a large amount of hot water to swill out the line. You may use cleaning or bath liquid along with the hot water.

Call Plumbers Near Me

Well if you have tried all above, in my case my sink blockage was cleared, and I never had any issue for a few months but if you still have a problem than it is best to get professional local plumbers for help.


DIY fix is handy and can save you time and money, but sometime it may be just a time of waste. Check online or call Pro Emergency Plumber Near Me at 020 8088 0910 or 020 8088 3060.

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