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The abode of tennis, Wimbledon town and village is worth a vacation. Here, you can discover its charming township, feint with excellent options to shop, eat, explore, and enjoy.


Incredibly famous among the 35 main centres of Greater London, Wimbledon is an affluent hamlet with new housing, low-rise apartments, and impressive Victorian houses. The suburban division of the region divides into “the town” and “the village.”


The town encloses more contemporary and metropolitan developments. However, the village takes account of the medieval town of Wimbledon. It, at present, is a significant housing area within the city of London.


History of Wimbledon

Together with its love for tennis, Wimbledon has a fascinating story behind it, intertwined through the history books. The place is famous for being the native land of writer Raymond Briggs as well as the actors Martin Clunes and Oliver Reed.


However, long before these writers, actors or the Wombles, made this place their abode, the ancient Greeks, along with Romans lived here. In reality, proofs exist that all through this epoch, there was an iron fortification put up on what we call Wimbledon Common at the moment.


Dialling Code and Postal Code

Dialling code of Fulham is 0207. SW19, SW20 the postal codes. Fulham is part of the London region.



Wimbledon is stationed in the southwestern division of London. The Wimbledon Village boasts impressive mansions, townhouses, patios, porches, conversions, apartments as well as cottages. Most of them are ancient properties put up in the Victorian and Edwardian period.


There are more than a few houses put up during the times of yore depicting present-day styles as well.


Wimbledon Village is the most attractive part of the Wimbledon region, making it the best area to stay in. Positioning within the SW19 postcode, the Wimbledon village encompasses a bustling high street that’s full of go.


Also, you can find the European-style coffee shops and café culture, plenty of green places, striking and prominent period homes in addition to useful transport links at this point. The Wimbledon Village comprises of a Tube station; lying is on the District line.


Furthermore, a mainline railway station offers its services to London Waterloo that takes around 18 minutes.


Shopping Prospects in Wimbledon

No matter if you are fashion enthusiast, the conscious about home improvement or the tech buff mad, you can find your interest in shopping stuff in Wimbledon. You can pick and choose a chic and fashionable designer wear from Elys.


Or you can opt for a breathtaking and piece of your favourite brand from the Centre Court or the Broadway. But the market here won’t let you forget the tennis thing that the term “Wimbledon” puts forward. Of course, the local shop fronts here would keep presenting more tennis rackets than anything else.


Tourist Attractions in Wimbledon

Talk about the place Wimbledon, and one particular thing that springs to mind is tennis for sure. However, the area is illustrious all over the world over for its international tennis tournament. It’s also a pleasing destination to spend some time exploring.


Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum

The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum features a massive amount of exhibits and associated displays about the tennis sport. One of the key things to see is the facility’s Virtual Reality experience. It is a beautiful attraction that let visitors experience the excitement of being on centre court.


Other prominent exhibits take account of a compilation of championship trophies, film footage of past tennis playoffs. Besides, a massive collection of associated memorabilia dating back to 1555 and a look at the account of racquet making makes the experience worthwhile.


Location:  Church Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5AE


What’s more? The magnificent Victorian Worple Road to the New Ground display is worth checking out. It showcases the club’s modest changing room services as they would have come out in the 1920s.


Wimbledon and Putney Commons

Wimbledon and Putney Commons is a pleasant 1,100-acre green area and an enjoyable space for a picnic or a leisurely walk. Popular for ramblers, walking tour enthusiasts and cyclists, the Wimbledon and Putney Commons provides 16 miles of horse riding track in addition to an excellent public golf course.


Wimbledon Village

Even though it’s put up at six miles from the centre of London, Wimbledon keeps hold of a great deal of its small-town feel. This is never more obvious than when Wimbledon Village, the heart of Wimbledon, plays host to one of its several cultural proceedings.


Guests block up Wimbledon’s roads every weekend for a slight excitement. If fresh local village produce and food fares interest you, make sure to check out the well-liked Wimbledon farmer’s marketplace. It is held every Saturday – all year-round.


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With oriental furnishings, Asian ornaments, Thai art, and compelling candlelit walkway, you will feel elated and will be relieved you chose to take a break.


Wat Buddhapadipia

We bet you were oblivious that there is a Buddhist shrine in Wimbledon as well. The Wat Buddhapadipia temple is one of the essential Buddhist training centres in Europe. The place is famous for training approaching Buddhists as far as the Netherlands.


You can take a leisurely walk around the stunning grounds spilling over with blossom in the blooming garden, the small grove, the scenic copse, and the pleasant-sounding gorgeous lake. If roundabout around the blissful gardens isn’t enough for you, you can fix your eyes on at the beautiful place of worship itself.


You can think about trying an in-depth meditation course on the ground of the temple as well. It’s blissful!


Address14 Calonne Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5HJ


Wimbledon Windmill Museum

Wimbledon Windmill is an unoccupied post mill. Of course, it is the rarest kind in entire England. Put up in 1817; the Wimbledon Windmill operated only until 1864. After that, it turned into a housing property.


At the moment, the Wimbledon Windmill has been converted into the Wimbledon Windmill Museum. Here, you can learn about more than a few types of windmills, their purpose, and the manual workers who worked in them. The museum exhibits tools, models, and more fun stuff.


Wimbledon Village and town is a tiny enclave of charm in a gentrified spot of London, alongside a township area and a duck pond. This place is as exciting as it sounds. During the tennis tournament, it is adorned in purple and green.


The streamers string from window panes through the two weeks of the match. It’s a friendly and pleasant place to visit. Here, you’ll discover several swift links into London, and it has excellent eating places and cafés.


During the tennis tournament, Wimbledon Village is drenched with sports superstars and well-dressed addressees sipping on Champagne. But the ambience and mood of Wimbledon for the rest of the year are unexpectedly flashy as well.


House price in Wimbledon

Houses on average are above an 800K. Price range from £275000 to £32500000.



The crime rate in Wimbledon is not bad. Between April 2018 and March 2019 there was around 850 reported crime. The worst crime is violence and sexual offences, and robbery was very low.


Top Restaurants

Beyond doubt, all eyes of every person stay on Wimbledon for those two weeks when the world’s tennis celebrities come to the site. But there is one more thing that attracts the attention of one and all, and that is excellent food and drink served here. Check out some great eating places here.


Holy Smoke Restaurant

Holy Smoke is a tiny eatery, only about 20 seats or so, making it appropriate for a warm feast for two rather than a family day out. At Holy Smoke, you’d be made to feel at home. And the grand service is in line with sumptuous food. Of course, smoke plays a massive part in the carte du jour.


Moreover, these flavours are complemented by an out of the ordinary wine list and impressive whiskey selection.


Location 21 Leopold Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 7BB


The Ivy Café

The Ivy Café in Wimbledon boasts all-day dining facilities in the very tasteful surrounding. The tiled flooring, art-covered bulwark, loads of gold detailing, and a charming patio enhance the dining experience. They take account of quite a lot of tables for the convenience of walk-ins.


The White Onion Restaurant

The White Onion restaurant is another delight that serves its thick, flavoursome and eponymous soups to its customers in a ‘well put together’ manner.


Patara Restaurant

Jam-packed from the get-go, this elegantly equipped Thai chain is a vast, un-walled dining area that you can correctly walk into from the boulevard. The high-top bar of Patara that overlooks the kitchen is just the right place to enjoy the pre-dinner cocktail.


And of course, watching the chefs at work would power up your craving for a delicious banquet as well.


Point of Interest

British Transport Police

Raynes Park Station, Coombe Ln, Raynes Park, London SW20 0JY

Parkside Hospital

53 Parkside, Wimbledon, London SW19 5NX

Wimbledon Post Office

56 Wimbledon Hill Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 7PA

Fulham Fire Station

87 Kingston Rd, London SW19 1JN

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