Wandsworth Park

Wandsworth Park

Wandsworth Park is a Grade two listed public park. This park gives us a pleasant view of the wide-open river. It is in along the south edge of the River Thames. The park is bordered to the south through Putney Bridge Road.


On the other end, there is a massive complex of flats. The main gate of this park is at Putney Bridge Road, SW18. There are also other gates through which you can enter the park. These include Mount Pleasance and Blade Mews.


The Wandsworth park project was designed and built under the administration of Lt Col John James. The design has remained mostly unchanged during its construction. This park was officially opened in February 1903. After 17 years the bowling green, tennis courts and pavilion were added in the park.


The Putney Sculpture Trail is present in this park. Here you have the chance to watch birds, sports and passing boats. The playing area and café are also current in the park. Hurlingham Club is on the opposite side of the river. Wandsworth Park is eight hectares in size. There are almost 350 kinds of different species of trees in this park.


The Wandsworth Park was earlier allotment gardens. It was bought for thirty-three thousand euros in the year 1898 by Wandsworth District Board, London County Council, and by public subscription. The design contained the area of the 3.5-hectare playing land in the middle of the park enclosed by an ellipsoidal path.


The south-east edge has a beautiful design. It has an avenue of trees form the northern side along the river. Nexus sculpture is also present in the park. This sculpture was made by a talented British artist and sculptor Alan Thornhill.


AddressPutney Bridge Rd, London SW15 2PA