How to Unclog a Toilet without Calling a Local Plumber Near Me?

Local Plumber Near Me are super handy but what about unclogging the toilet without hiring one of them.


Now that’s a horrible nightmare for one and all. Imagine you’re at home; you end up doing your business and flush to swill out the toilet. But in the place of descending, the water starts to flow up together with whatsoever you just put down in the bowl. Tell me wouldn’t you be stupefied with fright at that moment?


Well, toilets are one of those things that are frequently taken for granted by most of us, of course, until they don’t work. Yes! Toilet clogs appear to take place at the most poorly timed moments.  But the good news is that cleaning out a clogged toilet is something any person can be trained to do. Fortunately, you can unclog the majority of toilet clogs yourself without having to pay your local plumber.

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A Quick Guide on How to Unclog a Toilet without Calling a Local Plumber Near Me

Begin with a plunger

For around 90 percent of blocked toilets, all you need is a single extraordinary tool – a toilet plunger. You can purchase a toilet plunger with an extension flange that is intended to fit toilets well. It lets you offer more potency and force to the plunge. You can drag a woodchuck from the opening with a toilet plunger employing the extension flange. The toilet plunger can let you unplug the sink and drains as well. For that, all you need to do is fold over the flange back into the bell.

Put in the plunger into the bowl.

Make sure that the plunger covers up the hole entirely. The plunger is supposed to be sunken in water to work efficiently. Now start pumping the plunger over the hole of the toilet. Begin little by little at first as the initial plunge would thrust air into the bowl.


Keep an adequate amount of water in the pot so that the toilet plunger keeps covered up. Trying to push air through the toilet hole won’t produce a great deal of pressure.


Thrust it down, and then draw it up harshly to perturb the choke and slacken it off. Go on pushing and pulling it forcefully until the water starts to drain.  It may take around 15 to 20 times before your toilet begins to unblock.


Be uncomplaining and have patience as long as you’re sure that there’s no solid object, plunging alone would turn out to be enough.  It may perhaps not work right away but might work after a few persistent efforts and flushing, with every single attempt comprising of a lot of plunging.

Flush the toilet to test out the drainage.

If the plunging drains the bowl in due course, but the clog up is still jamming the free flow of water drawing off the drain, you should put the plunger down in the bowl and seal the bowl with water once more. Fill it up to the point it usually stays after a regular flush, and then plunge another time. Rigid clogs may require you to do this more than a few times.

Liquide soap and Hot water

First to lubricate, pour hand soap or liquid dish soap or Epsom salts or bath bomb and start pouring hot water in the toilet bowl. After about 1 gallon of boiling water wait for few minutes and let the hot water and soap do their magic. After a while, the water level may go down. If not, try to add more water and liquid soap and once the water level starts going down then only flush.

Preparing a Drain Cleaner

If the toilet tends to block easily as the consequence of trying to flush a lot of waste, making use of a drain cleaner prepared by mixing hot water, baking soda and vinegar will do the work quite well.


Here’s how to do it.


Warm up half a gallon of water and allow it to cool for few seconds. The water must be no hotter than a warm tea you can sip effortlessly. It must not be steaming, as boiling water may crack the porcelain. You have to increase the hotness of the water passing around the toilet block.


Now dispense a cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar into the toilet. The baking soda along with vinegar produces a chemical process that assists in breaking up the toilet clogs.  Distilled white vinegar is commonly used, but any vinegar will work. The mix would fizz and bubble a lot.


Pour the warm water into the bowl from the waist level. The force of the falling water might help you unblock the clog. After that, allow the mixture to rest all through the night. The next morning, you would see the water drained. This household drain cleaner is supposed to clear the clog ups caused by crude matter effectively. This technique won’t work for clogs caused by a substantial obstacle though.

For harder toilet clog ups, you must use the plumbing snake.

A plumbing snake or auger is a flexible cleaning tool made up of a coil of wire that may “snake” all the way through the bends of a drain and might go deeper than any wire may go.  I would recommend you to choose a “closet auger” that is intended mainly to clear toilet blocks without harming or staining the toilet bowl.


Now to use it, twist the wire down the hole. Start rotating the crank on the point you’re holding until it ends to turn. That means you’ve got to the point of the block.


At this point, the plumbing snake will either dismantle the block or clip on to it. If you feel as if you’ve hooked the obstruction, drag it out. Throw away any waste on the end of the plumbing snake. After that, give the toilet more than a few goods plunges to release any other impasse. Flush.

Still dealing with the clogged toilet? Call the local plumbers near me.

There are many local plumbers around your area, but you should hire an affordable and trusted company who provides the “plumbers near me” service. Pro Emergency Plumber Near Me is one of the trusted names when it comes to any toilet-related plumbing problems.


There are moments when your efforts aren’t sufficient. So, in such a situation, how would you know when it’s time to call in the local plumber near me to fight your toilet clog up?


Well, when all is said and done, if you’ve reached to the point where more than a few DIY efforts including the plunger, drain cleaner and auger aren’t doing the trick, it’s time to bite the bullet and give your local plumber a call. Without a doubt, nothing messes up a celebration quite like a spilling over or a clogged toilet.

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