Lal Akash Cheam Sutton

Lal Akash Cheam Sutton

When it comes down to the most excellent authentic Indian cuisines served in Sutton or the village of Cheam, then there is just one choice – Lal Akash Cheam.  This place has been serving the most authentic and original Indian food to the connoisseurs, diners and food lovers of Sutton, Cheam, Carshalton and beyond.


Providing sharp and cherished flavours with “one of its kinds” blend of seasonings, sauces, zings and more, Lal Akash Cheam promises you of the evenings that remain etched in your mind. This place offers the most authentic flavour of India and gives surety that all their spices are prepared in-house.


The restaurant is rather tiny, the décor is exquisite, and it’s hygienic and comfortable. The background music they play in here is incredibly soothing and just right, so you can talk with no trouble rather than yell at each other to be heard. However, one of the most striking features of the brilliant carte du jour lies in the variety of refreshments, munchies and sundries on hand.


The Lal Akash Cheam is acknowledged as one of the top restaurants in close by Surrey for what they offer. And you will take delivery of just the same quality of food at your door as you will in-house at this fantastic restaurant.


The nearest train station is Cheam Village Train Station and in just a few mins walk you can find more restaurants, shops and post office.