IKEA Croydon

IKEA Croydon

Established and inaugurated in the year 1992, the IKEA in Croydon is a 23,000 m furniture store. After being revamped and re-launched in May 2006, it became the leading IKEA in Britain. At the moment, the IKEA is the fifth leading single employer in Croydon. IKEA makes it trouble-free for you to decide on, take home and bring your furniture together.


With around 303 stores in 26 countries, the IKEA Group is transforming the day by day lives of its customers in brilliantly surprising ways. IKEA keeps on developing new products all the time.  For instance, it lets you beautify your home with fake flowers and plants making your home décor lifelike and multihued. Moreover, they’ll last year after year while keeping your house looking bright and stunning.


Members at IKEA can take pleasure in special prices and discounts on chosen IKEA products, thus, getting excellent value for money, for sure. If you have a preference, then the voluntary services of the store can save you a lot of time and energy as well.


IKEA is a value-driven corporation with a zeal for life at home. Each product it makes is about the idea of IKEA for making your home a better and beautiful place.


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