Godstone is an attractive village and one of Surrey’s great communities. This beautiful village is cited in the Doomsday Book. Reaching back as far as the 15th century, a peaceful and picturesque Godstone is framed by historic buildings in this book. The heart of Godstone is surrounded by beautiful countryside. It consists of two centres, Godstone Green and Church Town. Both demonstrate the history of the village in their architecture and are conservation areas of the town.


Postcode District RH9



Heating Contractor

Drainage Service

Bathroom Remodeler

Kitchen Remodeler

Gutter Cleaning Service

Electrical Engineer

Water Damage Restoration Service

Home Builder



At the junction of A22 and A25, Godstone is located. Godstone railway station is in South Godstone approximately 2 miles to the south of the village.

Metrobus and Southdown provide bus services in Godstone.


Interesting Fact

For animal lovers, a visit to Godstone Farm offers a chance to get close to ponies, cows, goats, and many more creatures. Why not hop into the tractor ride?

Titsey Place: For an insight into an earlier age Titsey Place is a historic estate set within picturesque surroundings that nestle under the North Downs, the fabulous house has scintillating architecture and find treasures to share.

Chartwell: There is Chartwell that was home to Winston Churchill, where personal possessions give an insight into his life.

Fun Fact: The oldest working windmill is more for you, Outwood Windmill was built in 1665, and is still grinding flour today.

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