Crystal Palace Football Club Croydon

Crystal Palace Football Club Croydon

Without a doubt, the Crystal Palace Football Club is the most significant sporting interest in Croydon. Well, it’s not only important at around 4:45 pm every single Saturday when the results show up on ticker tape to Inside Croydon Towers. It’s also crucial for the blow it poses on the entire region as a leading professional sports club.


The club was instituted in the year 1905 at the famous Crystal Palace Exhibition building by the title-holders of the FA Final Cup stadium that was located inside its famous grounds.  Until the year 1915, the Crystal Palace Football Club got engaged in their home playoffs at the Cup Final venue when they were enforced to run off due to the First World War. In the year 1924, the club shifted to their present abode at Selhurst Park.


Right from the year 1964, the Football Club has played in the top two leagues of English football, more often than not. Moreover, Palace shares a severe competition with the Brighton & Hove Albion, with whom they compete for the M23 derby. All the same, they share stern contention with the fellow South London clubs Mill wall as well as Charlton Athletic.


The Crystal Palace Football Club is a certified football club stationed in Selhurst, London that plays the game in the Premier League. Indeed, it is the top flight of English Football.


Asda is a popular place for shopping among the Crystal Palace Club visitors, which is a few meters away.