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Heating System is vital for every household for the residence of UK in the cold session. Central Heating system has become a standard option to keep you nice and cosy at your home and work. If you do not have or if you are looking for a Central Heating Installation Costs in Guildford Surrey, Pro Emergency Plumber Near Me can be the first choice.

We have hundreds of emergency plumbers with adequate training, insurance, knowledge, and equipment to fix or install the new Central Heating Service for very cost-effective and worry-free deal. We have served 1000’s of Residence in Guildford with their Central Heating system.

So, the question arises—how much does central heating installation costs?


In the end, as with many products, you get what you pay for. If you want to stay warm in the blistering cold, you will have to install a quality system, which will reduce the cost of heating a home in the long run. Central Heating Installation Costs depends on many factors. Some of these factors include the size, type, and brand of the boiler, the size and style of the radiators, additional, sophisticated heating controls, and ease of installation. Depending on the type of boiler you choose, there may also be a need for you to splurge on a hot water storage, as well as a feeder and expansion tank. Of course, you will also need to factor in the labour costs.

You can call our experienced Plumber who is happy to give you a free estimate and survey to determine the final cost of your installation.

It is much easier and faster to set up a system on empty homes. Hence, it can be cheaper for you to install any type of system, like gas central heating, if your home hasn´t been previously inhabited. But if you want the upgrade or repair your old Central Heating Unit, we have 100’s of qualified Central Heating Plumbers in Guilford and surrounding Cities.

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Central Heating Installation Costs

Choose the system which can save you money in the long run.


We have seen many households either with the out-dated heating system or inefficient traditional unit which is expensive to run but also could be dangerous. Depending on what you need cost can start from £1000 to £5000 minimum. Big chunk of money will go to buy the boiler, radiators and controls and for pipework and labour cost.

Central Heating System consists of 3 Main things:



Control System

Types of Boiler

The boiler is the main part of your Central Heating System. There are different types of boiler available in the market. Depending on the size of your house and your budget you can choose the boiler

Combination Boiler or Combi Boiler


Combi boiler has become a most modern and favourite between new installation or replacement boiler system. Combination boiler is a relatively recent innovation. It takes its water supply from the mains. However, unlike the system boiler, it doesn´t need a hot water cylinder to store hot water. That´s because the combination boiler is capable of providing hot water on demand. Although the combination boiler may seem convenient, it may not be completely effective in homes with numerous bathrooms.

Combi boilers are suitable for the small household with small families. Since the water is heated on demand if you have multiple bathrooms, hot water may not be distributed equally if multiple taps are used at one time. Also, Water pressure may vary depending on your mains water pressure since water is delivered directly from the mains. Another benefit is easy to install and it saves space since you do not need a water tank like the traditional heating system, which means you can save money on the tank and the labour cost. We have seen many customers have turned the space they use to have the water tank into a nice cabinet which can be used either for storing or as a shoe cabinet.

Suitable for:

  • Save Space
  • Cost effective to install
  • Good from small family
  • Good if you have few outlets
  • On-demand hot water supply

System Boiler


System Boiler is ideal for the family with high demand for hot water at the same time. Unlike Combi Boiler, system boiler also has an Insulated Hot Water Storage Cylinder.  System boiler will heat the water for the storage tank as well as for the central heating system at the same time.

System Boiler is builtin with heating and hot water system within the same system, which means it will be easy to install, takes less space compared to the traditional tank and is economical. Hot water Storage Cylinder is pressurised,  for the good water flow across all the outlet. System boiler does not require cold water tank or feed or expansion tank.

A system boiler receives its supply of water directly from the mains, hence, completely eliminating the need for a feed and expansion tank in the loft or attic. The water is then heated for the radiators. And, just like in the traditional boilers, the hot water for the taps is stored in a hot water cylinder.

It may have disadvantages but if you have big families and have more hot water demand at the same time System Boiler Installation can be the best option for your house.

Suitable for:

  • Ideal for a large household with large hot water demand
  • Save space compared to a traditional system
  • Economic Running Cost
  • The cylinder doesn’t need to go to the loft
  • Easy installation since boiler and hot water system is builtin

Conventional Boiler


Conventional Boiler also known has traditional boiler is an old boiling system. Still, many households have this boiler system. But our Heating and Plumbing Engineer gets lots of jobs to replace the conventional boiler with either Combi Boiler or System boiler installation.

Conventional boilers boast of three important components including the boiler, a hot water storage cylinder, and a feed and expansion tank in the attic. The water is processed from the tank in the attic to the boiler. After undergoing heating treatment, the water is then supplied to the radiators. The hot water for the taps is stored in the hot water storage cylinder. The traditional boiler is ideal for installation in homes that require and constantly need hot water. This system is not an ideal for most of the household any more because it is old, expensive and requires lots of pipework and space.

Pro Emergency Plumber Near Me suggests checking for the heating engineer mear me an upgrade to most effiecient and modern boilers and save money. You can call us for the Experienced Heating Engineer around your area who can give the free estimate.

Suitable for:

  • Ideal for a large household with instant water supply
  • Good water flow rate


Central Heating Installation Costs may affect depending on what kind of radiators you choose and also the number of panels you need for your house. Radiators are used for the heating purpose for your Central Heating System. Typically there are various types and designs of radiators available in the market depending on your budget and more importantly the size type of the room. You can either have wall-hung radiators or you can use the electric radiators.

Radiators have become a part of the home decor similar to the furnishing. Therefore we suggest you think wisely and choose the one which matches your room wall colour and other furniture. It may be easy to change the other furniture if you do not like but it is defiantly not going to be easy to change the radiators once it is installed.

Currently, you can get radiators made out of brass, aluminium or steel with lots of beautiful designs. You can consult our heating engineer for free advice on which one to buy and also the correct position the radiator should go to equal heat distribution throughout the room.


Electric Radiators

Electric Radiators were not popular and they were expensive to use but we can get Energy Efficient Electric Radiators in the market. Morden Electric Radiators has a builtin thermodynamic-fluid filling and Intelligent Ambient Thermostat, which senses the room temperature and keeps the room temperature you set.

The main beauty of the electric radiators is you can install anywhere without worrying about the pipework. You can add an extra unit along with your Hot Water based radiators or let’s say on your new extended room, bathroom, shed or the garden office pod.


Low-surface-temperature Radiators

LST Radiators are widely used in the hospitals and schools but you can use this at home as well.


Radiator Price

Radiator price varies depending on the material and especially the design. You can get a basic radiator for £50 up to 4000+ for the designer radiator. You can choose the radiator yourself or call us and get in touch with one of our gas and heating engineer, for the professional tips and suggestion. They can help you choose and save you money and time.


Radiator Valve

There are 2 types of valve you can have on the radiator, traditional manual valve or the thermostatic valve. Thermostatic valve (Thermostatic Radiator Valve – TRV)  is getting very popular, allowing you the set your own temperature. TRV is more energy efficient, hence getting popular.

Control System

Control system will not affect your Central Heating Installation Costs. Control system does not cost a lot compared to the boiler and panels. There are 3 types of control system. A traditional control system which you manually adjust the time of the boiler to start. Semi-automatic which you have a panel to easily adjust the timing and the full heating system automation with the latest control system which can also be used using mobile app or voice controlled device like Alexa.

Our suggestion is to fully automate the heating control system with the latest app-based control panel. Most of our energy bill is consumed by the heating system. And investing £100-£200 for the latest control system makes total sense even if you can save just £10 a month. Within just 1 year your small investment in Control System will start saving more money for you.

We are not suggesting your traditional control system is useless but it is not practical to adjust the temperature with old system any more. Even if someone is at home all the time, still it doesn’t make sense wasting time and effort to keep the desired temperature manually.

For a household with everyone out at work, it makes even more sense if you can adjust the temperature or switch on/off your heating system from the ease of your smartphone app. It is not only convenient but also saves you lot of money and environment. Energy Smart App has helped thousand of household save money, typically anywhere between £100 to £300 per year depending on your house size.

Let’s live a smart life: Call us to fit the Smart Central Heating Control System.


Best Smart Heating Control System Available in the market


  • Nest
  • Honeywell
  • Hive Active

are few trending brands currently available which comes with the smartphone heating control app for Apple and Android phones.

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Central Heating Installation Costs in Guildford Surrey

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