Bushy Park

Bushy Park

Bushy Park is situated near Hampton Court Road – Hampton Ct Rd, Hampton TW12 2EJ. You can find more info on their webite https://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/bushy-park


Bushy Park is the must-go place if you are in Kingston upon Thames. Park is linked to Hampton Court Palace. The bushy park is very famous for its mix of waterways, grassland, gardens and red and fallow deer.  If you are lucky you can also spot birds like kestrels, kingfishers and woodpeckers. This park is famous for bicycle rider and who loves running.


Bushy Park covers 1099 acres and one the London’s eight Royal Parks. Park opens at 06:30 and closes at 21:00


You can speak to the management at 03000612250.


Popular attractions

Diana Fountain, a bronze statue of the goddess on a marble and stone fountain which is surrounded by a bronze of four boys, four water nymphs and four shells. The fountain is located at the centre of a round basin at the junction of Chestnut and Lime Avenues.  The statue is 924kg and 2.38m tall. This fountain was designed in 1637 by Hubert Le Sueur. King Charles 1 requested the fountain design for his wife Henrietta Maria. It cost only £200 to design the statue back in 1600 AD. Since it was built the statue has been moved twice, once in 1656 and then again in 1713. The fountain was restored back in 2009 which was part of Bushy Park Restoration Project.


Pheasantry Cafe is located in the Woodland Gardens in Bushy Park. The cafe offers a wide range of hot and cold food. Cafe is open between 9AM till 6PM in the summer and 9AM till 5PM in the winter.


Deers are the main attraction of the Bushy Park. Park has hundreds of Red and Fallow Deer roaming freely around the park. It is restricted to feed or to go near the deer for photographs. The park is the member of British Dear Society which takes care of the deer welfare.


Besides this park has hundreds of mammals, invertebrates, birds, fish. trees, grasses and wildflowers. If you are a big fan of Flowers, do not forget to visit Isabella Plantation