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9 Plumbing Tools used by Plumbing Service

9 Plumbing Tools used by Plumbing Service

Emergency plumbing service is always your best bet for fixing any plumbing issue. You should look for Local Emergency plumbing service with 24/7 service. But wait have you consider trying to fix the simple plumbing problem yourself? To set the plumbing problem, you need a few tools. Many plumbing tools are useful for any homeowner to have.

It is worth investing some money in this tool. Most of these tools are not expensive and available. They are easy to use as well. We have listed a few plumbing tools below.

Well, not all the plumbing problem can be fixed with these tools. It is worth trying once, and if you think it is not your piece of cake, you should also keep a number for a Local Plumbing service provider around you. Also, these tools can help you keep the things under control while you wait for the plumber.

Plumbing tools checklist to consider before calling the Emergency plumber services

Every house must have some necessary plumbing tools. Keep the tools where everyone can find them so that you can make use of them right away.


No house should ever be there without a plunger. These tiny tools can help you get out of severe plumbing conditions before things turn out to be worse.

Though you are most likely to have a plunger, do you own the right one? There is more than one type of plunger, together with the flange as well as the sink. The flange plunger is for use in your toilet because of its “one of its kind” tiered shape — the cup-shaped sink plunger that’s used in the toilet time and again is for unblocking sinks and showers. Both plungers are cheap to buy and useful when you’re dealing with the toilet clog.


Wrenches come in various sizes. Since they do their job in some tight places, plumbers use a special wrench. Thus, a basin wrench corresponds to an indispensable plumbing tool.

A basin wrench comprises a long, lean, and flexible body. Ahead put together with the bolts as well as nuts at the top — the lever that permits the plumber to twirl the wrench at the bottom. This wrench allows plumbers to get to the contracted space at the back of a sink’s basin. It helps with the install or do away with spouts and water supply lines.

As the given name entails, wrenches and plumbing go together. These sturdy and robust pipe wrenches consist of an extended grip for control: A C-shaped clamp that gets fine-tuned to the dimension of the pipe, and teeth that hold the tube. These pipe wrenches function best on spherical fixtures and soft materials.

Drain Snake

Contrasting to a plunger, you don’t own a drain snake, but it can be a handy tool for more robust blocks. A drain snake is also identified as a hand auger. The drain snake is a bendable, yet solid twisting wire that can find the way through your pipes.

Often, used for sink or shower clog ups, the drain snake can reach far beyond a plunger may reach. It can shove off clog ups from hair, oil, soap foam, and parallel issues. If your plunger isn’t useful for an intractable block, you will want to take hold of this tool.

There are more than a few varieties of augers or drain snakes. Well after using a plunger and drain snake, if the problem still exists, it is time to call the Emergency Plumbing Company.


Like a wrench, screwdrivers have become the common household tools. Screwdrivers come in various shape and sizes as well. You can buy a manual screwdriver or electric which comes handy. Screwdrivers can help you with disassembling plumbing-related equipment. Most popular screwdrivers are with flat head and Phillips.

Teflon Tape

This useful tool also known as thread seal tape or plumber’s tape is one of the least pricey and most versatile things. All the plumbing service providers keep this handy.

You can use Teflon tape while threaded connections don’t make use of a rubber seal. The Teflon tape is sturdy and helps fastens connecting pipes. You can also use it to hook up broken or dripping pipes or shower heads. As a more beneficial, it can also apply to seal gaps in dryer connections!

Pipe cutter

There are two kinds of pipe cutters can be useful for do-it-yourself plumbing jobs. You can get a plastic tubing cutter that is parallel to a pair of pruning shears. It can make fast cuts through rigid and flexible plastic tubing like sprinkler pipe. If you are looking to cut pipe, you need a cutter with the sharp cutting wheel and an adaptable jaw grip. Use this to a copper or steel pipe; you turn it around the tube, tapering it until it cuts all the way through.

Caulking Gun

Time and again, cracks and fractures appear where your tub, sink, or shower meets up the wall. To put off the leaks, a caulking gun can keep these closures fastidious and fixed. Caulking guns are easy on the pocket and handy tools to have around your house.

The primary use of Caulking Gun is to seal the doors and windows to close up trickles and drips. This helps to keep cold air in and warm air out during summer, and the other way around in the wintry weather.

Not only can it save you money by putting off the shower and sink drips, but it can also cut down on your energy expenses too!

Plumber’s Putty

Plumber’s putty is an indispensable Plumbing Service Tool. The Plumber’s Putty is soft and flexible stuff used to form waterproof, reversible seals around valves and drains. At times, a plumber’s putty is used in sink installations too.


Sometimes you need to cut the pipe to adjust the length. Hacksaw is used to reduce plastic to steel pipe. Hacksaw has a detachable 10 or 12 inch-long, fine-toothed sharp edge that’s held tight by a changeable steel frame. You can also find ‘mini,’ or ‘flush-cut,’ hacksaw.

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